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Ground Xero Gaming

GXG Plays – Super Mario Rage Maker Ep 2

Absolute, Anime, Catatonic and Nerd continue the madness of Super Mario Maker 2

#SuperMarioMaker #Nintendo #Switch

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hey guys it’s catatonic welcome to gxu
plays today we’re playing Super Mario
maker – we hope you guys enjoyed the
video if you do please hit the thumbs up
and go ahead and subscribe at the bottom
this the graphic itself is is undisputed
nostalgic yeah that would’ve been a bad
way to go down I didn’t know when you
hit it you jump
no no higher just let it run oh you mean
just let it hit the thing yeah I thought
I had to like why are you w the spikes
like you quit mid nice iron two-plus in
the face for like -5 are you’re saying
being serious is because I mean no I
play rogue you know I played rugby like
every game up the lane I’ve been I’ve
actually been playing the final fantasy
where Oliver born again because it’s
Friedel of 35
that we had to all right hey
but I’ve been playing them I thought I
had to keep baiting him got a do don’t
yeah yeah
oh I not for having fun yeah
where was the run on the jump iron those
who can understand what’s happening
telly was upset about the controller
scheme and we swap controllers I’m doing
all of that so instead of played on the
gamecube controller we are now playing
on the switch controllers with the grid
he’s got no excuse good I mean honestly
it kind of makes sense for this face up
as I say that Wow they taste the helmet
away any lecture you die as long as as
long as whatever is gonna hit you isn’t
an insta-kill like falling in lava
it’s basically an extra hit game I
learned something new which is why I’ve
been equipping it yeah I just thought
you liked yesterday’s no I know I need
all the help I can get
I didn’t jump okay I think this is the
last one yeah no no no sighs damn you
say when you make different levels I
think you can control what you can and
cannot do like they can make it so you
can’t like you know do the gorge on like
I said I know sometimes it’s safe to run
on top on the other level you could yeah
I’m in the middle I thought I just
thought that right last time
good job helmet bro all right what’s
next it comes now that checkpoint
doesn’t matter so if you do die you will
start here all right
even though we’re doing like five
attempts all right so
yeah alright this is the game I never
see people struggle so much in the long
hey alright don’t do what I did and I
can hear you anxiety
do you really do the coin true they want
a big coin oh my god a second chance
what was I talking about justice yeah
you played smash come on I’m not going
through grief what if it’s you need all
three bitcoins to open the door that was
some I gotta mean you don’t what you did
it would show you in the top I mean
don’t know this is the oh my goodness oh
my boy I wish I could live as a oh I see
you want to live as a flop yeah just if
they’re just people just chillin like a
melon oh thank you so somebody comes my
way and I crush them
all right I don’t know basically work
second align the Fed that we already
watched this whole run
we’re not you still perfectly stone jump
straight up oh this is easy you just oh
I I’m hurt from both aspects of the
entire situation I keep I keep waiting I
keep waiting for somebody to ask me what
am i doing huh let’s see I tried to run
a little earlier I didn’t beat it cuz I
was like yeah fuck it
but not once I grab that cool I don’t
think I was paying attention this
morning and realized that there was a
claw to grab it I was like Nam you go
no it’s cuz you already have to be able
to cast me next week
just drop it across there you won’t go
back for that coin you’re gonna stir it
on red now you’re young sure up no I
think it ought make me stop showing me
it isn’t
yeah it does it starts on whatever was
previous what all right oh there we go
yeah the master of the short hot panic
when you did it you and I there’s always
a slight panic and then like either over
jump it over walk it nobody wants to oh
my god first of all now he’s gonna make
it a point to get all the cookies
thank you no we don’t do that here fuck
you we know I just think you know Kenny
didn’t I leave you stand on the switches
holy shit
Oh No yeah there’s my to you
how’s ah oh well you guys have made it
further than me so remember how we were
fucking around earlier about the whole
coins in thing yeah also you have to you
have to hit the switches yeah to let the
hey bitch well either niggers good you’d
be the kids are you gonna get the keys
in the etc how do I look up yeah holy
shit good shit I mean yeah

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