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Ground Xero Gaming

GXG Plays – Super Mario Rage Maker Ep 3

The boys continue to fill their rage meter.

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we’re doing speed run watch 22nd you can
drill jobless right the cheeks guess you
don’t control those I realize you can’t
you have job on those oh you can’t no oh
I mean you can try it you convert a life
right here nope only have like 19
I put great levels I absolutely love
speedruns my favorite I was on the wall
what your skill does nothing for us
people we literally have a speed runner
I know again with that
on the fucking alone
just a whole bunch out of the camera so
much added pressure on it a little bit
it’s the the time yeah the time like
like nine seconds doing that if you if
you spin jump on that guy you probably
already lost spin jump on those fellows
I don’t know Harlan all right what’s up
bad sigh I did part of this already and
I didn’t get very far as it says like
times all the way times uh I’m just
mostly this is Negar trick this is just
pure unadulterated I’m just a little bit
absolutely I think you gotta jump on the
first one then
two little spiky when they do that
they’re intended mean you can actually
get them we got to get them before they
you spend oh yeah you you can do the
little Jojo but they’re like in the air
you can spin but it won’t it won’t be
the same
that’s what happened actually Oh
how do you you can’t do that that hurt
science finds no no
but what it I hate that like Egypt time
I feel like oh yeah I put a little
pizzazz my dad
yeah happened to me a bunch
well I bet you stopped there because you
thought it was over hot I just bad habit
a fat finger to jump yeah when I should
have a factory to drill can’t really
test you got like 15 seconds that’s
that’s the pusher yeah game starts at 20
seconds that’s right you have the
wardroom on ya
you think you’re on the wall but I
respect you you know cuz of you jumping
into joy you do like really spin like
that but it’s still considered a jump
you you just press on don’t jump and
then do it just are so it gives you the
hop when you do it ya know one player
games mostly on the PC and of course the
oh shit I feel like if you don’t make
that joke you’ve already lost because of
the time constraint I feel like you we
do a lot of things we do because the
time who’s trained you very long
yeah alright Spiro there’s no actual
time to sharing the other ones I’m gonna
give you like 5 minutes to beat the
level with this one more one more
what one more no alright now you’ve
already lost
how do you know you fucked up
thank you for commenting on my skills
when I retweet I’m having a great time
argue you know what when it comes to
this I do what you just do your attempts
to intercept our sake oh yeah that’s
funnier this way I don’t even remember
these darkies in the UN second man

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