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Ground Xero Gaming

Is GXG Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

We put Absolute, Anime and Saltay to the ULTIMATE battle of wits, in Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader!

#GXG #Smarter #5thGrader
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you remind me the other day I asked
angel what the hell a goat is like let
you see it sheep all this time you see
you horses no one talks about goat
all right so today we’re doing our own
version of absolutely not let’s say that
home for a whole week oh all right
I thought I thought you for a second you
were asking me what are they which I
have no fucking idea what my fellow
rights are
I know it’s called the Bill of Rights
the biller the first 10 amendments are
the Bill of Rights
yeah so the right to carry a firearm and
the right of speech or freedom of speech
it yes oh so I was thinking about those
wrong liquid gas and solid yeah liquid
snake solid snake and there’s no gaseous
snake yet
great three states of matter the three
states of matter yeah solid liquid and
like I’m confused to be hard right but
that’s more of a geography thing than it
is anything else no it’s not not my head
sir oh hey ed sir
I have no idea what it is I wanted to be
mean but I think it’s mooses
the murder
so if you slip outside it’s a cozy lined
up Mount Everest it wins I don’t know
what the name of the mountain ranges I
don’t even know where the Himalayas is
so weight is asking for a place they
have a little cute back baby’s pulse
so if you guys haven’t already go ahead
and subscribe to our YouTube channel
follow us on Instagram Twitter and we
also have a website links will be in the
description below guys so next time okay
so my question together the mountain
rage that whose mom I’ll be honest I
don’t know that

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