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Ground Xero Gaming

Meet GXG BMike

Meet the man behind the music. This is BMike

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hey YouTube this is my Khaleesi an aka
be Mike I am the chief operator of media
and content here at Ground Zero I’m
gonna be making some music from scratch
and showing you how we apply it to our
content and I’m going to be showing you
the process that I take to make it and
get it done for this beat particularly I
am looking for something that stands out
I want everything that we do here at
Ground Zero as far as content to be
different from everything that any other
organization does nothing gives them
there’s no right and wrong way to do
this just like there’s no right or wrong
way to music I just want our content to
stand out a lot so when I look for
different sounds I look for sounds that
are different but still hold true to
like that
pure in-your-face idiom that appear in
your face ETH you know that dance techno
electric type house music maybe add a
couple hip-hop elements and a cup of rap
elements not the mumble rapping the pure
rapping from back in like the 90s and
the 80s and we go from there
most of my tracks if you guys know our
parody of ground zeroes stuff some of it
has some type of Bell I am a sucker for
bells by different type of bells just
because they’re nice and airy it and add
a different fire to anything that
anything that I do and then in the mix
it brings it out like so much better
that’s nice though thank you guys for
sticking around and watching me create
some content for ground zero it’s always
a pleasure to give you guys new stuff to
watch and give you guys new updates on
the company make sure you hit the like
button below and the subscribe button
below make sure you open up the
description to see any future endeavors
or any social media links we really
appreciate you guys make sure you guys
share share share share again we really
appreciate it
this is B Mike signing out

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