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Ground Xero Gaming

Meet GXG Saltay

Meet the newest member to our content team, Saltay!

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#SaltayGaming #MK11 #GroundXeroGaming <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I am Solomon say Davis I am the newest
member that gxg team I am a content
creator I mainly shrink mortal kombat xi
sometimes apex but you know whatever
pops up currently I’m streaming more to
combat xi apex legends I’ve been trying
to get into other games like Dragonball
fighters I used to train Dragonball
fighters I used I got out of that not
exactly sure I’m just trying to open my
horizons two more things the first game
I played was back in like 2004 it was
double-oh-seven nightfire on the
PlayStation 2 that’s what really got me
started into shooting games
I was originally a shooting game type
player and then I evolved into a more
fighting game type player after I
actually learned how to play the combos
and stuff honestly what got me into
being a content creator was seeing how
people reacted to my videos because
there was this one YouTube video that I
did and someone shared their opinion
about it and they actually liked what I
was doing so I wanted to continue that
and also have more people like more on
my streams alright guys this is farewell
from your boys out a from GGG don’t
forget to smash I like button guys also
subscribe to our Channel and show you
support and love and also enjoy that
steps your own gameplay guys
when to fort
realm obeys they’ll fight

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