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Ground Xero Gaming

Super Mario Rage Maker Pt 1

Absolute, Anime, Catatonic and Nerd dive into the craziness of Super Mario Maker 2

#SuperMarioMaker2 #GroundXeroGaming #Nintendo
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hey guys it’s catatonic welcome to gxu
plays today we’re playing Super Mario
maker 2 we hope you guys enjoyed the
video if you do please hit the thumbs up
and go ahead and subscribe at the bottom
does that mean 24 people our planet
yeah the bottom nippers how many people
have made you the attempt the time is
how many people B so for those who don’t
know x and y will be your running being
it’ll be good jumping or take that
information either you have no idea what
those does if you jump up to the walls
you can climb up like your cats are my
god yeah something like that
the whole point of this is to outrun
though you can choose any to be one it
tells you exactly what the item you can
do the game q you chose no I know
it’s ads yeah remember SARS players
equipment I’ve only done once already
binding the controller
oh my go all right katsu I long for the
booty go it is so awkward
you need the cat suit got to drink
already ha ha it’s so awkward having to
hold a different button run normally you
stop being a Call of Duty player and
blame into control us blame lag next
watch the fucking lag that controller
lag that controller line do you want to
play with the thing you just know we
have to back out it’s probably gonna be
the same where you still crouch you
can’t fight oh well maybe you can so
that’s the wrong thing it’s like it’s
like the undertale it’s just like hey
chill do I maybe like five attempts yeah
and then we’ll swap out the person and
then we’ll go to next I played five
attempts again with enough to me yeah
one level I’m at expert level
Oh run get to go down
oh yeah well you got combo’d into it
with that Bowser al you only I only be
directed by two seconds yeah yeah just
to give you a glimpse of no no no Bowser
is doing some crazy like somersault
fireball combination fucking backflip
you straight flexin on you just wants to
show off what he can do it’s just
there’s just no one let’s what yeah
that’s what yeah there you go
wait how do you do that oh you did while
you’re jumping that’s not the same no no
that’s does I mean you can try
at least angels no matter if he
literally sold that purser I was no I’m
not I can promise you can we get past
the first fireball you cannot be this
bad at Mario a piece of tape you play a
high intense games of apex in time we
can’t do something so casual long ago
laughs I guess not
the last more you I played
anyway you know who go for the good game
boy to this day angels s second player
and little brother that she always gave
the second controller to play we all
knew it was unplugged yeah he was just
like wrecking that person’s shit it was
really just player wah-wah
hey it’s a second fireball they put me
above this look at the street shifted we
saw more I guess I made to display right
now there’s the only level of the five
that I’m moving it was enough for me to
be like guy hey this is good fighter
amen is it killable this morning
zero practice I do I woke up I want to
shower together look after this
yeah next time I jump on we’re gonna
yeah sure I don’t think it’s gonna
matter whatever you know was a little
beat in the Super Mario when you into
that whole area all night like that like
that all night river yeah how’s that was
that good shit that’s a hammer
okay do it go away I’m the old way that
instinct when you’re on the wall to hit
a wall jump that’s not a cat balls it
really is I tend to fight them I put a
bow account the level beats you every
single time I’m still you stitch well
knows that I beat it but if I had to do
it right now to show you I’d probably
still oh yeah I did you gotta stop
moving okay yeah I think after a minute
you all follow a minute it’s a lot of
time it’s a lot of time I can eat my
lunch in that time
every single time yo now my tail is um
oh no okay yeah you can’t come over yeah
you let’s lie down
oh hey bye oh this is where I stand
those hammers are hurting oh yeah I
couldn’t move because I think it was a
credit like to attend made it farther
than above you come on Super Mario
that’s it Super Mario I mean world yes
yes yes yes that’s really all you really
need to set what’s going on right now
besides the catsuit yeah the cat’s it’s
different I did it Oh under there was a
person to see with the cat suit hey bye
oh no shit Oh stay on it bye oh well
time to go round two I love all random
these hammer bros all right miss pork
you know what could have a bad habit
allotted but now it’s like it’s so much
fun necessary yikes
these hammer bros really hitting with
that two-on-one tag-team bonanza it’s
intuition the drives onto the fireball
and then whenever you’re on a wall you
just have to hit the a button I was
trying to move over to fight big yep I
beat you and smash all the time your
bottom tier Wow okay oh no wow what I
can’t go down yeah all right so I don’t
know I didn’t beat this what they gave
to each other
where does gonna be see ya
girl jobs not needed no I accepted crust
uh cuz I didn’t beat this with the
gamecube controller epitaxy plays god
mode Go Go
oh he’s right there
not cool this is the tedious part big
case I do get dead in the face with a
fireball I gotta respect thousands
cardio better than mine oh here goes
nice the boxer was like oh the kill them
is what you did you stunned him no I
think this

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